About Us

Pacific Air (HK) Limited is a member of Pacific Air Holdings Limited, a Logistics Group engaged in Airlines General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA), Neutral Wholesales (cargo and express) and Project Consulting Services with offices in Asia, the USA and Europe. The founding shareholders of Pacific Air (HK) are entrepreneurs with proven track record of success in the logistics industry.

Pacific Air (HK) Limited is a dedicated Airlines GSSA based in Hong Kong providing airline general sales and service management. Pacific Air (HK) has a team of highly experienced executives all of whom are airline and logistics professionals. The management team leads an energetic and knowledgeable team who has a great deal of experience in Hong Kong and Southern China Markets.

Company Profile

Pacific Air (HK) Ltd was founded in 2002 by Anthony Lau its Executive Chairman.

More and more airlines have outsourced their sales and services to third party General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA) to take advantage of the economy of scale of GSSA operators. Pacific Air (HK) Limited is a dedicated Passenger and Cargo GSSA representing a number of international airlines currently serving the Hong Kong and Southern Chinese markets. We can provide a complete range of Passenger and Air Cargo Services to add value to our client airlines business. We are an IATA Accredited GSSA in Hong Kong.

We work in partnership with our client airlines using our expert knowledge of the local markets to grow their business profitably.

Through our knowledge of the local markets and our highly developed entrepreneurial skills, we have enabled airlines with/without presence in the local markets to grow their business significantly.

We have experience of developing new products to meet our clients' needs which are suitable for their specific markets.